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KODENUM is a one-stop shop for all your website 
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How Are We Different?


KODENUM is all about software solutions. Our expert developers produce nimble, sophisticated, and cost-effective web and mobile solutions to fix any problem you might have. There’s no assembly line here; all our solutions are handcrafted to suit your particular business. We provide professional-grade software tailored to the highest security standards and make data-driven decisions that put clients first.

  • Agile Development
  • Data Driven Decisions
  • Highest Security Standards
What we do


From design and prototyping to personalized software solutions.

First, KODENUM carefully considers the specific problem and needs of our client. We design a prototype, test the core concept, and analyze the results.  Second, our expert development team builds a robust and scalable solution to suit the client’s individual needs and lay the groundwork for future business growth.  Finally, our digital marketing team uses professional SEO and PPC strategies to draw in customers and grow your product online.


Branding is more than a spiffy logo design. Your brand is nothing less than your business’s identity and personality. We provide comprehensive branding services to help you create, establish, and maintain a vibrant brand identity online.

Website Development

Your website should work for you. We build personalized eCommerce websites tailored to each individual business. Whether it’s a simple WordPress site or an intricate and multi-layered web application, we have the skills to get it done.


Search-engine optimization can make or break a business. We are experts in content strategy, on-page optimization, backlink building, and keyword optimization. We do both local and global SEO. We will tune up your website and boost your organic traffic.

Paid Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing gets results. Fast. We practice data-driven strategies for social media and video ads. We have expertise in Google ads, Facebook ads, as well as Bing, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn ad campaigns. With our services, you will convert visitors into customers.

Custom Software

With software, the limit is your imagination. Instead of out-of-the-box software products marketed to the masses, we offer custom software solutions built and configured just for you.

Mobile Apps

Did you know that half of all website traffic occurs on mobile devices? We will optimize your site for iOS and Android to ensure that everyone experiences your website in all its glory.


Our mission is to help your business thrive online.

When building your website, ask yourself a simple question: what do you think people do once they arrive on your site?

Do they briefly skim your homepage and then leave? In the digital marketing biz, we call that a “bounce.” Bounces are not good. They drive down your search engine placement and make it harder for future users to find your site.

Do users dive deeper into your website, sign up for your newsletter, or even buy a product? Congratulations! That’s a “conversion.” The goal of every business’s website should be to drive conversions, to turn one-time visitors into long-term customers.

At KODENUM, we build personalized websites for our clients that are fully optimized for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). UI deals with the tiny details and nuances of web design, such as the colors used on your homepage or the placement of images and buttons. UX concerns a user’s entire customer experience, from hitting your landing page all the way to checking out with a cart full of products and services. Both UI and UX are essential for a modern and effective eCommerce website.

Our team of developers and digital marketers will assist you with all stages of building your online presence. Our development experts will pick the perfect technology stack for you and devise a highly secure and scalable software solution. Our social media marketing experts will then craft an efficient and cost effective PPC ad strategy to draw people into your site. Lastly, our SEO experts will analyze the keywords best suited to your website and tailor your content to maximize organic search traffic. People will hear about your business, easily find your website, and have a great experience once they get there.


Technologies We Work With

These are just a few of the tools in our toolbox. Whether you like WordPress or Wix, whether you advertise on Facebook, Google, or Instagram (or all three), we can get the job done.

Are you curious about installing a chatbot into your website? Want to learn how to track calls and emails? Have you heard about the new Facebook Shops and want to get in on the ground floor? Let us know! The technology world is constantly changing, and we are constantly updating our skills and tools to keep up with demand.

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Please reach out with any questions! No question is too simple or complex. No problem is too strange. Trust us, we’ve seen it all.